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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is abc seven news at noon on your side. live look outside, it is dry for now but that could change later today. >> you can see a little bit of the haze in the sky and brian van de graaff joins us now. >> we have been watching a few sprinkles. we had seen some sprinkles across the area.
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degrees.tching 79 some of the low clouds and there have been a few sprinkles. you can see if you are coming across but behind that, there is some sunshine. i think we could get more sunshine but we have a lot of clouds and we will have a few breaks to the north and west. intoll have more sunshine the afternoon. could see some heavier downpours at the end of the day. upper 70's and some sprinkles on this afternoon, we should be mid 80's with scattered showers. some of the showers could linger into the upcoming weekend. a little bit of unsettled weather in the midwest and the south west. we will have the weekend coming up. >> thank you.
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the governor mcdonnell corruption trial continues with the former virginia governor bob and donald back on the stand for a third day. >> we go live to richmond with the latest. what's going on now? we've got a 15 minute break. this is the third day of bob mcdonnell's testimony. the defensive still trying to prove the governor mcdonnell and his wife could not have possibly conspired. yesterday they detailed the deterioration of their marriage. today, as the former governor made his way into court and reporters,hrough the he struck a different tone and talked about his strengths and the source of his strength, his five children. they have given me a lot of strength. i'm very proud of my children.
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hopefully, they can live their lives despite what's going on with my wife and myself. >> the former governor will return to the stand for the remainder of the afternoon. he will probably continue to be questioned by his attorney but by the first lady lady's defense attorney. they are trying to make clear that the governor asked for money in the form of loans which he expected to repay which he did. as for the gets, the defense is trying to argue that the governor never asked for any gifts and nate -- and never gave anything in return. >> thank you. in prince george's county, the two-year anniversary of amber stanley's death as people back in her katarina witt -- neighborhood searching for clues. she was shot and killed will she was sleeping in her bedroom. >> the case is still open with
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no suspects in custody but brianne carter took -- spoke to her mother. today, amberago to stanley's life was cut short. >> we just try to keep the family together. first tragedy that has happened to her family. >> prince george's county police say she was in her home on august, 2012 and someone shot her in her home. her killer is still on the loose. today, police are heading back out to kettering to talk to members of the community and hand out these crime solvers flyers. they are trying to gather new information on the case. knowingkes me feel good that they are still active on the case. my daughter is important to me. day aftermes one police give an update on the investigation which they say is still very active.
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police say they are closer than they have ever been to finding answers. >> they say they have stronger leads and that's a good thing. [inaudible] > are still no sign of a missing prince george's county woman this noon. the 19-year-old was last seen on ackland street in temple hills, she is five foot, six inches tall and weighs 110 pounds and was last seen wearing pajamas. doctors diagnosed her with mental health issues and authorities say she may need her medication. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police. >> we are learning more the known about a shooting in the campus of virginia state university. john gonzalez is at the live desk with more. >> we have been following this all day long -- this is still an active search for a gun man in chesterfield county, virginia
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just south of richmond. at around 3:00 this morning, there was a shooting near the campus of virginia state university. students were asked to stay in their dorm halls and the school sent out a couple of texts and e-mail alerts. police thought the shooting victim was a freshman at the school but the latest alert described the incident as an off-campus shooting and that the 19-year-old who was shot in the leg is not a student at the university. the school has resumed normal activity at this hour even though several blocks remain closed. a massive melee broke out early this morning and a house party and university police have been assisting chesterfield authorities with the manhunt an investigation. the young victim was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. nevertheless, an alarming situation and what is the conclusion of the first week of classes, the home of the trojans has close to 6000 students and
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it's not clear if the suspect has any association with the university. they say this is not a random act because the victim knew his attacker. >> thank you. let's get to the latest from ferguson, missouri. it's a third night in a row the streets were relatively quiet. police made seven arrests on the national guard has gone home and police may soon reduce the number of officers to provide security. the funeral for michael brown is set for monday. his shooting by a police officer sparked days of protests and looting and his parents are heading to new york city to take part in a rally for a man who died in police custody tomorrow. >> on tuesday, catch a townhall special on the issues raised by the outrage and ferguson. watch it live at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station, news channel eight and streaming live on >> the chuck brown memorial park is open today.
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this would have been his 78th birthday. >> chuck brown died in 2012 and the go live to northwest d.c. for the big unveiling. it's actually underway now. call it what you want, and unveiling or dedication, it's all that but it is also a party. they are chanting " wind me up, chuck." there is a live look at one of the features in this arc. this is a timeline of his accomplishments during his career. it starts in the 1970's and goes up until the 2000's ending with a quotation -- well or you do, do it do it big or don't do it at all. it's something he lived by. take a look at what his son and
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longtime manager had to say about all of this. amazing andy everyone coming together to do this. it's amazing. it's overwhelming. >> he would be crying. he would be stomping his feet and driving by here every day for three months to look at it. he would be overjoyed. he would be humbled. >> take a look at this. these kids are having fun. this is another interactive feature, it's a drum set he would have loved. he was about interacting with his fans and making sure that people were joining in on the fun and that's exactly what they are doing. we will have a full report coming up later on today at 5:00 and 6:00 of the complete unveiling. those kids are the future of gogo now.
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one of the country's oldest museums is now free. starting today, it will not cost you anything to visit the corcoran gallery in northwest washington as the gallery and starts will become part of the national gallery of art and usual -- and george washington university after the judge approved the merger monday and the corcoran has struggled because of financial issues. >> we are following metro this noon. get ready for delays on the rns and red lines this weekend. the trains will run every 20 minutes on the red line between shady grove and glenmont. at other be 10 minutes stops in metro plans to start the 7000 series train cars. espn has reported the johnny manziel was fined $12,000 for his obscene gesture during the third quarter of sunday's game. game.t was monday's
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he flipped off the redskins bench as he returned to the huddle after throwing an errant pass. he called the moment a lapse of judgment and suggested he was being taunted by the washington sideline. >> that's called the nfl. >> coming up, we have a health warning about an unapproved medication used to treat children's goals. >> plus, concussion awareness is changing the way kids are trained to play football so find out how young is too young to play. >> we will tell you what one popular source has said it's getting an early jump on popstmas -- one
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nigeria confirms two new cases of the ebola virus. saidealth minister there the patients are spouses of caregivers who treated american patrick sawyer who died from the virus after infecting 11 people. has 14 confirmed faces, nearly 1400 people have died in west africa. we have a health warning from the maryland public health officials about an unproved medications used to treat children's goals. baczol is being sold in convenience stores and some being communities in his sold from outside the united states. they say it is not safe for young children. questions being asked of homes across america as the school year gets started -- should my child be allowed to play football and how young is too young?
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we have help for young parents were trying to answer those questions. he played select soccer and we waited as long as we could. beenis mom's son has pushing his parents to play football since he was little. >> safety was my number one concern. . >> they are letting him play in a brand-new team. they are certified through usa football. way to tackle, the proper way to hydrate, concussion awareness. >> concussion awareness is changing the way parents look at football but changing the way kids are being trained for the sport. any sportnd safety in archie because the centers for disease control says about half of all kids sports injuries are preventable. andrew wentworth did not play football until eighth grade. their necks are not as strong in their joints are not a strong and they still have
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significant growth to go. younger than 14 may be too young to play. certified player safety coach eric johnson, the father of 10 and eight-year-old players says this -- >> teaching them at this age and understanding the importance of keeping their head often that up and doing a proper tackle reduces the amount of concussions. the biggest thing we're doing with this parent awareness. >> no matter what families decide, one doctor says parents should look for teams with trainers or players safety coaches and the policy of taking injured kids off the field. sured watch closely make they follow through on what they say they are doing. >> some coaches practice what they preach. one mom is seeing the lessons that doctors agree are learned from sports. >> i'm looking for him to work with others and carry that on through life. a recent study found 53% of
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coaches say they have actually felt pressure from either a parent or a player to put a child back into it him even if he is injured. player safety coaches can make a big difference. likelying contact sports football should get a baseline neurological exam. the washington nationals are riding a 10 game winning streak into tonight potential playoff review with the san francisco giants. they earned it with their fifth walkoff win in six games. it was scoreless in the bottom of the ninth. throw that was missed and that's how they scored. >> here is a look ahead to number 11 tonight. >> a few few sprinkles may roll here through the midday. think everyone gets them but the ones that pop up could be heavy.
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1/100 of awe had inch at the stadium. we have a little bit of unsubtle ms. today but tomorrow, the stars -- the skies start to dry and things improve. one of the cooler spot is along the bay. you can see the clouds that continue to be socked in with some sunshine peeks. like 79 degrees when you factor in the humidity. here are the numbers around the area. -- we havelided quite a bit of cloud cover out there. we look at some of the clouds to thin out ends wrinkles -- the air is very saturated. i think we have the potential to get some sunshine.
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there are some spots where we have some clouds. i think the sunshine may break through a little bit and warm and muggy and maybe some showers this evening and heavier downou rs are a possibility. saturday is not looking pretty but sunday shows promise. sporadic showers this afternoon and maybe a heavy downpour but by tomorrow morning, a shot of rain off and on through the afternoon and by sunday, we start to clear out. mid 80's today and tonight we have the nats game and temperatures will be in the 70's with possible scattered showers. into the weekend, it will improve by sunday, cool, comfortable, and low humidity. sleep in tomorrow for off and on showers. >> good idea. --have another sports note abc 7 will show you redskins
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preview of the game against the baltimore ravens. the nascar sprint cup series race at bristol motor speedway will be aired on our live well network instead. >> so many ways to see it. coming up, a teenage romance leads to a deadly love triangle. more
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breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. love turn to a deadly triangle in florida were one man is convicted of killing his best friend over a girl and the girl in the middle of it is talking.
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she spoke exclusively with matt guttman. what does she have to say? >> she is the girl at the center of this love triangle. it's the story of of puppy love romance and mad dog murder and she is in the middle. she was unaware and it started with a friendship back in miami. three kids went off to college together and erika who we interviewed was in love and dating a guy named pedro. she broke up with him before college and ended up dating the other guy whose name is christian. something happened when they all got to gainesville. something went wrong and pedro was at the middle and erika talked to me saying she had nothing to do with it. she was deeply in love with this other guy but it's amazing that in the beginning with the boy missing, thousands of people were searching for him.
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he went with someone who might be the killer to the police station and they're talking about a love triangle and the possible murder saying this girl is here with her ex-boyfriend but the other guy is missing. there is a lot of twists and turns in this story that you will not believe. there is surveillance video and tapes we have some police and prosecutors. >> it's a remarkably a complicated story. thank you so much and you can see much more of this exclusive interview tonight on "20/20." jake and i have been best friends for years.
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or high blood pressure before taking it.
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is august 22 which means that 124 days until christmas. decorations are already out at the sam's club in florida. trees and lights and holiday snacks and rangers are all there. the store manager says it is part of a marketing strategy. if it looks like christmas, shoppers will spend like it is christmas. >> if he says so. i saw halloween candy at the store over the weekend. >> crispness when your kids are off to school/ when your kids are going off to school? late thised showers afternoon into tomorrow morning and will dry out why sunday. >> thank you for joining us this friday. >> we will see you back
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[cheers and applause] >> hey! how's it going? oh, what's up? what's up? what's up? what up, baby? what up, dog? oh, hey, hey, hey, hey! hey! how are you? >> how are you? >> good. [cheers and applause] [chuckles] hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a registered nurse who spends more than 80 hours a week caring for the elderly. from las vegas, nevada, give it up for jennifer espinoza! [cheers and applause] jennifer. >> how are you? >> love it. registered nurse. >> yes, sir. >> respect what you do.


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